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Nethene Khthon
This month marks the beginning of what I hope to be a regular production of free short stories as an example of my work. At least once a month (at no regular interval), something new shall appear. It will be short enough to read in a brief sitting, or broken into parts over the month to be such.

Creator copyrights apply: I wrote this, it is mine, do not reproduce in part or full or altered. Feel free to link here. Do leave a comment to tell me what you think!

Edit 08.13: Title, some words.

Going Crazy

A boy and a girl argue over a difficult breakup. Or maybe they are both going a little crazy.Collapse )
Nethene Khthon
26 April 2011 @ 10:08 pm
Having received my official notification and prize in the mail today, I was going to write a post all about the RAW short story contest. However, Mel Green wrote a fabulous one on Bent Alaska, so I'll just link there: Nicole Blizzard Short Story Contest

Yay for my 3rd place tie!

Double-yay for Karen taking second place!

Thank you to RAW and the judges for having such a contest. It was fun to participate in. ^_^
Nethene Khthon
18 April 2011 @ 10:41 am
Sometimes I like to look at my public posts and laugh. The boys laugh, too.

The school year is coming to a close and I feel like I haven't learned enough. Not enough proficiency in Japanese, not enough understanding of language and music. It's like there's a block there preventing me from learning more that I didn't feel was there when I started last summer. So I'm taking this summer off from school. I'll be working (barring intervention by EvilsTM), but most of all being in the sun and focusing on writing (with health as a sidebar).

I think my writing has grown immensely in the last year and half of being with the Four and writing every day. There's still so much to learn and improve, but isn't there always? I've rediscovered old habits that were hindered by the gallons of well-meaning writing advice that I got drunk on for a while back there, and I've incorporated suggestions to my style that fit very well. I learned a great deal of voice and characterization so that, while I still think my narration often feels stilted and uncertain, I am far more confident that I sometimes I achieve what I want to and will continue to improve.

My time sense being what it is, I have absolutely no concept of how long I have been with the Anchorage Write Club, but I'm glad I am. It's like a backup to wonderful Karen. If I somehow hedge and hide that I haven't written from her, I still have to answer to them, so it keeps me going. It's unbelievably motivating to have people there who will ask why the fuck I haven't been writing and what the hell is wrong with me. Thank you, Karen! Thank you, Write Club (Abby, Liz, Mel, Rob, Giselle, Jacquie, Corey, Rebekah)!

And farewell for now to Corey. Don't get lost on those old roads while imagining adventures.

I've spent a long time floundering about what I should be and how to accomplish my world-saving desires, and I doubt that will ever really go away. My head is stuffed to the brim of adventurous antiheroes and epic leaders and it's hard not to try to be more like them. But it's easier to be them by writing every day and keeping the rest of the world as support to that. It's a wide, beautiful world with cloying, awful problems that need major help. Right now, I am not a charismatic leader of meeces, sprites, and women and might not become so for a long, long time. Words and language and story most of all is what I am and will continue to be. Knowing this instills no sense of decision or certainty, the way I expected it to, but at least I know what I'm doing!

To that end: Plans and Portents! What are your sweeping plans for the year? These are mine:

April & May - Boys! I'm going to get caught up on my commenting, my co-writing, and most involved of all, my various The Four plotlines. The First Caper, Take Two will be finished off, Water Baby will get plotted, dangling plot threads will be organized, and Tae's gonna get fixed (of a minor drug habit, not as in snip-snip).

It is important to note that the boys will continue being written throughout the rest of the year (at least, and likely forever), but I'm also going to start writing *drum roll* other things! Because, as Karen pointed out, I will never be finished writing about my boys.

June & July - Faerie Novel BiMonth! Join me! We'll be rife with faerie lore and research. I'll be renovating Elsie's story - which means finally deciding whether she's tossed back into high school, plays as an art teacher at one, or just gets chucked into noble charm school. Then cleaning up all of her journals to reflect the updated theme and writing practically a third book (I've written a whole one and part of a second in just journals) in third person so my reader isn't stuck reading the drag of her hoity-toity journals to learn everything. Then I'm subjected some poor souls into reading the damn thing.

August & September - Ooze! So I decided the flow of the plot needs an overhaul. The events plotted for the 2nd arch are going to be switched with those of the first, which will make the emotional upheaval of the medical captivity make soooo much more sense. Which means massive, massive rewriting and rearranging. Then! replotting the 2nd and 3rd archs to follow those re-done events. So much re! The real difficult part of this will be pinning down Cade's character. Expect a lot of random one-shots from him.

October & November - Barring a sudden inspiration for a madcrazy The Four plot, this NaNoWriMo will be dedicated once again to the Oozier, all by itself. No writing two novels this year. I will get that second plot arch done.

December & January - TENTATIVE! Because I like to do challenges with Karen at this time of year. But if the flow is on (like I hope it will be) from finishing the first two archs, then I will totally also work through the Oozening and have my ridiculous trilogy finished.

Tell me your plans! Make your own post and link me in comments, or just here. I am most curious.
Nethene Khthon
17 March 2011 @ 11:28 pm
Or else.

F18. Orange Eyes
A19. Pretty Puppy
U20. More Brindolyn & Soliel
M21. Lantas Corner
T22. "Because, fuck you."
W23. "Do we look good together?"
R24. First times
F25. Break, panic
A26. Role Playing
U27. Lullaby
M28. Loco
T29. Presents - red stone and/or table
W30. Look at me
R31. Water Baby
Nethene Khthon
21 July 2010 @ 09:48 pm
Just because I like to share and it really is an enjoyable vid if you like to look at pretty things and cool choreography. I really dig the song (it is, however, in Korean, as a warning if you don't like music in foreign languages). I am absolutely delighted by this album, and totally looking forward to watching performances of it.

SHINee's Lucifer: Her whisper is the Lucifer.
Nethene Khthon
14 July 2010 @ 05:17 pm
For anyone who doesn't care about Kpop (or at least have a passing interest in my obsessions) please read no further!

[freaking out begins here]Collapse )
Nethene Khthon
05 July 2010 @ 10:55 pm
Whenever I work on my Japanese homework, I get such a feeling of euphoric love in regards to Matsu (my character, one of the Four). I was assuming that since his name is Japanese in origin this was just a 'oh, I love my character'. But I have had the sudden revelation that it's a writer moment. It's not me in love with Matsu, it's Matsu being in love with me for pursuing a language. Awww, Matsu. *snuggles him*

This has been your H update.

In other news, class is going well. I love language. My professor is adorable. The Four are still going strong, even if they are in their rampant hormonal teenage phase. (Or especially because?) And I need to do some serious Ouroboros research.
Nethene Khthon
09 June 2010 @ 12:18 am
Still seriously contemplating learning code for LJ so I can make myself a doll theme for the editing period. (With a little bit of the Four thrown in.)

Feeling mouthy today. I blame throwing Lena into a scene with the Four. She's sassy and Jonghyun likes that (I should not be as shocked as I am). I'm gonna play around with pieces and things for the Thayre book. Stuff that may never make it in and things that would have no way of ever doing so. Some of it I'll share. Most of it will be for Karen only because I love her bestest and nothing is ever good enough until she's signed off on it.

I started school again in May, for anyone I haven't been yakking the ear off about it. My major is Japanese (and later, Lit), so beware random conjugations. I'm trying to practice and memorize, not alienate or seem uppity. It's a language. It involves speaking.

I think I love my professor, too. The last chapter test before the final is taking place over tomorrow and Thursday because the Uni has a free-for-students BBQ thing happening Thursday and somehow our oral exam is going to be combined with a field trip for BBQ. Also she sends email updates at 11:30 at night, prime me thinking hours. It's fantastic. I'm glad I get her for the whole summer, and will be sad to move on to another professor in the fall.

Also seriously contemplating being the laziest student in the history of me and taking only three classes a semester until I leave the country. I love languages. I get glee from contemplating things like the Japanese word for 'back/behind' also means 'after' and the one for 'front' also means 'before'. Its an entirely different subconscious perspective of the past being what's in front of you. I think I'm the only person who geeks out on stuff like that. Human languages are fascinating.

The rest of school... not so much. I think. It's been a while. More importantly, I need a job to support my class habit, and between writing and job there isn't time to be a full-time student.

And there you have it. I need a Japanese language fix for my computer, too. Because I'd like to type in my secondary language and romanji seems irreverent when I actually know what I'm doing (and totally unhelpful for memorizing kanji). Ideas anyone (I'm looking at you, oh busy madame Keri)?

Oh, almost forgot! Wordcount totals to date:

(5)Four: 161514
HS Fanfic: 9720
/ Fanfic: 16412
Nethene Khthon
09 February 2010 @ 04:54 pm
The title is slightly misleading. I spent the last hour making pretty icons for my boys, and then updating all of the stuff I've posted on them with said icons and adding tags so I can view them by story arc. And I feel good about it. It was fun! But at the same time, I wonder if I'm supposed to feel silly, because only Karen and I will ever see it. I don't feel silly in the slightest. I primarily use this as a method of communicating just between the two of us. Just things I think.

But my icons are pretty. If I could figure out how to put them in post, I'd show you. The boys are visually inspired by the South Korean boy band, SHINee, and aspects of their personalities were originally derived from the MV for their latest single, Ring Ding Dong. Because Karen said, "Lets write stuff based off music videos!" and now I have almost 60K of story and characters that show up in my dreams and talk to me aaaallll day long. And if I get stuck, I go watch SHINee stuff and decide how my boys would deal in such situations. I love them.

In other news, I crashed Ken's car yesterday. It was physically climactic, though I am unharmed (well, aside from pride). The car can't say the same. I feel like I should comfort it somehow, but it's at the shop now. Maybe a pretty window cling? It did protect me, after all. Well, except the anti-lock brakes which locked. Those may need a stern talking to. I really feel like something more awful is waiting up ahead. A black miasma that might descend at any moment to wipe away the delirious happiness granted me by the Four and SHINee (and Karen!) Wasn't a car crash plenty? C'mon, Universe. I'm on your side!

Is this what they mean when people say, "H, I think you might be bi-polar." Also, why do people I see rarely seem to feel the need to diagnose me with mental disorders? Next they'll be telling me that I have schizotypal disorder. I'm functional, damnit! Fae say NO to labels and naming. No naming here. Names limit. I'm not for limits.

Meanwhile, I'm plodding along with Beast, averaging almost 600 words a day. I will finish this book one way or another. It's a stressful time for Katie, I don't blame her for being reticent. I mean, there's every possibility that she ends up killing someone in the next few weeks or months. That can't be good for her stability. Then add the fact that she'd really just like to read the stories of the Four, and it's so slow. I'm hoping my boys can string her along. After all, their world isn't possible without her.

This has been your stream of consciousness update, poor souls who read my LJ.

For fun, my wordcounts for the last six days (I've only been writing them down that long. I lost my notebook.)
Beast: 3487
(5)Four: 17926
Current Music: "Talk to You" by SHINee
Nethene Khthon
03 February 2010 @ 11:06 pm
I have succumbed to the need for more icons. My giddy adoration for the pretty has led directly to this. (See icon used here, with the most pretty.)

In other news, I wrote 1417 words on Beast, the full meet-the-state-cops scene. Now I can move the plot ahead. Tomorrow: Katie and the Beast meet, truly face to face.

And now I go back to the boys. The Four (all five of them) are consuming my every waking thought, and I am more than happy to exist within them. But I also dearly wish to finish Beast, so new rules are in place: Every day, I must begin by writing a Beast scene before I can cast the rest of the day on the boys.
Current Music: "Love Should Go On" by SHINee