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01 October 2007 @ 10:37 pm
Homework and Coding  
The more time I spend contemplating insanity, the more I am impressed by the psychology profession. That they can claim any successes with helping patients out of madness is a feat of monumental worth.

Instead of working on my homework this weekend, chiefly on a large paper due Tuesday, I spent Friday, Saturday, and a great deal of Sunday learning and experimenting with CSS coding. Something like ten years ago, I went through the fun of learning HTML and kept up with it until shortly after high school. I haven't touched it since. I dropped the webpage I had maintained with my creative pursuits (perused only by my friends) around 2002, with sporadic once-a-year updates for four years after until I deleted it all together. With the hope of turning my crafting abilities into something remotely lucrative, I'm putting up a new site, for commission examples and - possibly - to put some of my writing up for review. We'll see if that gets past the paranoia police in my head.

The HTML code site I used for reference ages ago had died an internetly death. Instead, I found another (whose address is not on this console.. I'll edit it in later) and this one had a CSS tutorial. Having never touched the stuff, or even really understood it, before Friday, I thought, "Why the hell not?" Almost sixteen hours later I realized that I had hardly moved, I could no longer keep up with proper deductive reasoning (Like: Heeeey, why is everything italicized? I closed off all the italic coding.. waaaaait, I put italic coding on everything.. stupid.), and that it had been nearly sixteen hours. In that order. Then I went to sleep. When I got back up, I meant to move on to my paper. Instead, the solution to a code issue came to me and I got back into it for another six hours.

Coding is some damned addictive stuff. I guess it's sort of like a very strange puzzle. You move little bits about, adding, subtracting, reorganizing, until it looks as it should. It's almost zen like, in some ways. I lose days and hours to it. I'd really like to get back at it, now.

However, twenty hours from now I have a massive paper due, and I'm not quite halfway through the book I have to read for it. So, no coding for me. Instead, Roman Empire! One day, I'll be awake during the day, and then maybe I can talk to people again. Living people, I mean. Not the ones in my head.
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