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25 September 2005 @ 01:18 pm
First dream sequence down! Woohooo!  
I wrote 1294 words last night, and by last night I mean this morning, before five A.M. when I finally went to bed. I am ambiguous over this. I am extatic, because I'm getting stuff done, and the more I write, the closer I get to that unresolved dream of 'completion'. I'm disturbed because one day, I'm going to run out of story in Draft 1, and have to do the plot all by myself when I get stuck.

I always sabotage myself this way. I have a severe fear of 'endings' - of any and every sort - and if it ever occurs to me that I might have enough momentum and drive to finish a book I'm working on, I lose all of it. I don't know how many dozens of books lay on my harddrive at 50k+, their first half or third plot all laid down. It's a horrible flaw, and it needs to go. If it was a piece of anatomy I could just cut out, I would. A pity that it's psychological. How to get over it, though?

I've also run into a dilemma with perspectives. There are, currently, three perspectives in the story. The Heroine, prophesied wonder whose only desire is to get back her friends and go home. The Evil King, he who hears the Heroine when she sleeps, and is not nearly as bad as he makes himself out to be. The Nobleman, who knows more than he lets on, and has a bit of a fancy for our red-headed lass.
The first two are absolutely necessary to the story. The third... isn't yet, but it might be. I don't know what I'd do with him, to be honest. But I really like the character and thought it would be fun to do. However, I have since become possessed with the notion of adding the Elder Twin, one of the two friends the heroine is desperate to recover. Then I could add a whole of vein of sisterly devotion, familial obligation, and the desperation of being trapped. Which might be really significant and moving, considering the horrific destiny that awaits the Younger Twin. But is four perspectives too many? Can I introduce the nobleman when his part gains purpose, or do I have to have it there to begin with, so as to catch the reader unawares? So complicated...

Anyway, that's my dilemma. I think the only solution is to write all the perspectives, and edit out the unnecessary bits later. Of course, if I write them, I'll make them necessary, entwining them with the story to support my own madness, regardless of how good or relevant they are....

But back to the thrill! I got though the first dream sequence, yay! I amuse the hell out of myself by finally creating a main character who doesn't dream every time she closes her eyes, and what do I do? I put her in a world where her slumbering thoughts make her dream of other people's minds. Moonstruck and Dream-heavy. That's me!
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