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09 February 2010 @ 04:54 pm
Those things you do that no one sees  
The title is slightly misleading. I spent the last hour making pretty icons for my boys, and then updating all of the stuff I've posted on them with said icons and adding tags so I can view them by story arc. And I feel good about it. It was fun! But at the same time, I wonder if I'm supposed to feel silly, because only Karen and I will ever see it. I don't feel silly in the slightest. I primarily use this as a method of communicating just between the two of us. Just things I think.

But my icons are pretty. If I could figure out how to put them in post, I'd show you. The boys are visually inspired by the South Korean boy band, SHINee, and aspects of their personalities were originally derived from the MV for their latest single, Ring Ding Dong. Because Karen said, "Lets write stuff based off music videos!" and now I have almost 60K of story and characters that show up in my dreams and talk to me aaaallll day long. And if I get stuck, I go watch SHINee stuff and decide how my boys would deal in such situations. I love them.

In other news, I crashed Ken's car yesterday. It was physically climactic, though I am unharmed (well, aside from pride). The car can't say the same. I feel like I should comfort it somehow, but it's at the shop now. Maybe a pretty window cling? It did protect me, after all. Well, except the anti-lock brakes which locked. Those may need a stern talking to. I really feel like something more awful is waiting up ahead. A black miasma that might descend at any moment to wipe away the delirious happiness granted me by the Four and SHINee (and Karen!) Wasn't a car crash plenty? C'mon, Universe. I'm on your side!

Is this what they mean when people say, "H, I think you might be bi-polar." Also, why do people I see rarely seem to feel the need to diagnose me with mental disorders? Next they'll be telling me that I have schizotypal disorder. I'm functional, damnit! Fae say NO to labels and naming. No naming here. Names limit. I'm not for limits.

Meanwhile, I'm plodding along with Beast, averaging almost 600 words a day. I will finish this book one way or another. It's a stressful time for Katie, I don't blame her for being reticent. I mean, there's every possibility that she ends up killing someone in the next few weeks or months. That can't be good for her stability. Then add the fact that she'd really just like to read the stories of the Four, and it's so slow. I'm hoping my boys can string her along. After all, their world isn't possible without her.

This has been your stream of consciousness update, poor souls who read my LJ.

For fun, my wordcounts for the last six days (I've only been writing them down that long. I lost my notebook.)
Beast: 3487
(5)Four: 17926
Current Music: "Talk to You" by SHINee
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Melissa S. (Mel) Greenhenkimaalainen on February 17th, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed the hell out of this....
... and I still enjoy the hell out of this even down here in the comment not just its header.

It's especially refreshing to be in contact with another writer-geeky mind, when I've spent _far_ too much time in the past week dealing with issues political. I _loved_ that you spent time doing all those icons.

I'd tell you that you're functional, except I don't wanna label you. Okay, so what I'll say instead is, you're all right in my book.

Except... hmmm... [checking the character lists for all my many novels-in-progress]... you're not _in_ any of my books. Frak.
Nethene Khthon: laughnethenekhthon on February 18th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Re: I enjoyed the hell out of this....
Yay! Entertainment is the point. Thank you very much.

It is always fantastic to have contact with such a fascinating writer as yourself. Though I'm terrible at commenting, I enjoy reading your blogs, writing and otherwise. I've missed attending Saturday writings a great deal, but my current nocturnal schedule makes it next to impossible. It also makes my writing prolific, so I'm not quite ready to buck it.

Look out! Soon there will be a disturbing influx of Nat-like characters. You'll never see them coming. :P
cadaverousapples: Why Mecadaverousapple on June 4th, 2010 08:15 am (UTC)
I hate that you can write over 20k in FOUR DAYS.