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05 July 2010 @ 10:55 pm
Random Observation: Matsu  
Whenever I work on my Japanese homework, I get such a feeling of euphoric love in regards to Matsu (my character, one of the Four). I was assuming that since his name is Japanese in origin this was just a 'oh, I love my character'. But I have had the sudden revelation that it's a writer moment. It's not me in love with Matsu, it's Matsu being in love with me for pursuing a language. Awww, Matsu. *snuggles him*

This has been your H update.

In other news, class is going well. I love language. My professor is adorable. The Four are still going strong, even if they are in their rampant hormonal teenage phase. (Or especially because?) And I need to do some serious Ouroboros research.