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14 July 2010 @ 05:17 pm
Fangirl Spaz Moment  
For anyone who doesn't care about Kpop (or at least have a passing interest in my obsessions) please read no further!

So I've been trying to avoid getting all excited about SHINee's come back. Because, well, what if I don't love it? And there's been a problem or two - absolutely no news and then poor Minho's injury. But now things keep happening to make me change my mind! It's a 2nd full album (sweet!). Promotions will begin (hopefully) the 23rd (or as soon as Minho recovers, whichever comes last) - just in time to distract me from my finals.

And the pictures they're teasing us with! I've been equal parts enthralled and confused (Taemin's is my new phone background, while Onew's headband leaves me wanting to watch Flashdance.) There sort of seemed to be an RPG-character/epic journey group theme happening with some of them that I liked. And then today they dropped a group photo that totally supports my theorizing.

And damn the boys are looking good. Did I mention lately that long haired Taemin is unbelievably gorgeous? (Okay, there isn't a one of those boys that wasn't doused with a bucket of pretty, but play along.)

Add in the variety program evidence of everyone's voices having improved and photographs hinting that they've been working out with SuJu, and I'm afraid I may have gotten excited. Dash it all. And just when Hyuna and Luna were to luring me to the curvy side! (Don't worry other groups that I love. My attention span promises that I have enough time for you, too.)

Go SHINee!