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Livable Consequences

just a little madness in the light

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Nethene Khthon
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Once upon a time, there was a mad little girl. She thought she was a faerie, and insisted that her backyard existed in a forest even though she lived in the desert. While she grew up, she learned that people didn't like to hear her 'version' of reality. They believed that they saw a 'true' version, and nothing she said could convince them otherwise. It didn't help that she was incapable of telling the difference between what happened while she was awake and while she was asleep; or that sometimes when she was awake she was asleep, and sometimes when she slept she was awake. One day, she told an adult she trusted deeply what she saw when no one was looking.

She was called crazy. An asylum trip was lightly threatened. Counseling was suggested.

She stopped telling people about the things she saw.

Years later, sitting in the rain (or raining while she sat), it occurred to the girl that it no longer mattered what other people liked to hear and not. She spoke the words in her head aloud and found solace.

A Dreamer awoke.

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