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08 November 2006 @ 12:29 pm
The Party System is like Fanfiction  
Congratulations, voters of the United States of America, you have just participated in poll-generated fanfiction.

Now, if there is anyone reading this that has no idea what fanfiction is, I have to ask: How did you find the internet?
Smarminess aside, let me give a brief rundown - take notes, there will be a quiz.
*Cheap Definition: Fanfiction is the act of taking a story world and/or characters written by someone else and portraying a new story with it.

Having done an awful lot of hemming, hawing, and harumphing this election season, I noticed a few similarities between the illicit Party System and the oft-degraded Fanfiction:

* Takes a pre-set system of rules, opinions, and goals and never develops it any further.
* Offers an Original Character to be the face and focus of the undeveloped system, who is inevitably corrupted by the power inherent therein and steals the glory.
* Exhibits poor dialogue
* Pairs things that most would never consider logical, or reasonable, to be paired.
* Alliterates
* Introduces well-loved animals and turns them into annoying mascots who talk too much.
* In the whole of the group, there are a few gems who do develop the system, exhibit good character, have great dialogue, and avoid that which is tasteless. But statistically, most of them are bad.

So then the quiz: How many of your elected public servants fit this bill?

And those are Nat's Satiric thoughts for the day.
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