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16 November 2006 @ 04:14 pm
One of the many problems in NaNoWriMo scheduling  
...is updating this journal.

No, really, is going to the World of WarCrack website.

I know, I KNOW: I quit playing around six or seven months ago because the RP servers were always full, I couldn't move around in the cities at all because of the load, and after level fourty no one would play with me because I wasn't in a guild, and guilds were hard to get into because the networking sucked, and so I couldn't do anything cool - I couldn't even gather herbs by myself!

In its defense, I've heard some promising things about new servers and balancing loads due to people moving away from the heavy pop worlds. And the networking has improved immensely. Sadly, my perfect level 50 Troll Shaman will still probably never be playable again, because she's guildless on Feathermoon, still the most bloody impossible of the RP servers. And, regardless of networking, I'm sure the cliquing will happen and I'll still be friendless. And the server will still be loaded. And the stupid Burning Crusade expansion is going to cost as much as the game did.




It's soooo pretty! And there'll be new cities! And Karazhan! And CHOCOBOS! No one told me the Blood Elves were going to get Chocobos (Read: Hawkstrider)! Or about the Oiliphaunts! (Read: Elekk)

I want to play. Dear sweet brutal Gaia, I want to play.

Do you know what this could mean? It MEANS! It means that the Blood Elves are Horde. And I could start a new Troll Shaman. And I could get faction. And I could finally, finally, have my Troll Shaman RIDE A CHICKEN!


Now, while I realize this may seem sinful to you, I have recently learned that Zoosexuality should not be confused with zoophilia, but considered a valid sexuality. Wikipedia told me that:

"Hani Miletski, a sexologist and author, argued in a "monumental"[3] and "pioneering"[4] reference work and analysis combined with fresh research, that zoosexuality should properly be understood as a sexual orientation, rather than being confused with 'zoophilia' (a paraphilia). Miletski concludes that all three criteria for a sexual orientation proposed by Francoeur (1991)–affectional orientation, sexual fantasy orientation, and erotic orientation–as well as reciprocity of emotion, are met by zoosexuals.[5] This view is supported by Beetz (2002), Donofrio (1996), and others. Beetz adds[6] that zoosexual bonding is "experienced and not chosen" and does not function as a "surrogate", also citing Masters (1962) observations that other than in violent scenarios, animals have often appeared to thrive in relationships with humans.

Some individuals, such as Dr. Fred Berlin, have postulated that pedophilia can also qualify as a sexual orientation."

So don't you shake your finger at my lovely Troll and her ORGANIC chicken (not the mecha chickens like the gnomes, that's a whoooole 'nother ballgame... but... if she could...) as long as Man-Boy Love Association still exists. You should go campaign against them!

*shudders* Wanna know the best part? I didn't learn ANY of that from my college Human Sexuality course. I looked it up AFTER becasue the HS has turned into a "Human Sexuality from 70 years and further ago" course. Sad, but true.

Back to the case at hand:


I want a chocobo.... It's even rainbow coloured... *sniffle* I wanna plaaaaaay!
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