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30 March 2007 @ 12:29 am
In the spirit of Fun Times and Great Adventures...  
Have I ever mentioned that I live with one of the Spirits of Contagion? I know two others, too. I've been sick off and on (more on than off) all year, and I blame it all on them. My latest bout has been bronchitis for the last two weeks. I'd like to say that I used this time of incessant violent coughing, nigh-vomitous wonder, and headache-laced joy to do something productive, but it would be a lie. While I could have been writing, I instead watched the first season of 24, finished my nifty crochet coat (wear-a-blanket! One day I'll look into being crafty for part of a living... maybe, between crochet, sewing, design, and writing, I could actually get away with never working legitimately again. There's got to be a reason I have these mad Jack-of-All-Trades skilz, right?) and whined a whoooole lot. I'm feeling a little better now... when I'm awake that is. I sleep a good fourteen to sixteen hours. Dream a lot, too, but I can't remember any of them. Just a distant sense of urgency and dragons.
Been thinking about my stories a lot lately, lots of different stories. And doubting my skill, but I'm trying to ignore that. I know I'll get better with experience, but the only thing I seem to have gotten skilled at is avoiding change. Seems when something changes on me, I cut it out of my life and forget it existed.
Which, really, is a horrible lie. My work on the Super Secret Book(TM) would prove that, if it wasn't super-secret, of course. And I've been stalking old friends on the internet... I read one girl's online journal and try to finish this poem I started about it. I was reading another's journal, but I lost it, and I think she might have made it private... I like to look at the pictures people upload on their MySpace pages... is it creepier that I internet-stalk people I know, or less creepy?
Oh, I know! I'll pretend I'm cocooning, and then defer it to one of my characters who I'll make burst into a beautiful butterfly, and thus feel like I accomplished something... BRILLIANT!

Er, anyway. 24 was neat. Bleach is also cool. I dig Orihime. She and Ichigo will have beautiful, beautiful red-headed babies. With faeries. Wheeee!
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