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05 August 2007 @ 08:54 pm
It's All Very Odd  
I have done a lot of reading in the past few weeks. I finished the fifth, sixth, and seventh Harry Potter novels. I have been doing fairy research for the book I'm working on, which includes the reading and note taking of such dense works as: The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns & Fairies by the priest, Richard Kirk and The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, and Other Little People by historian Thomas Keightley, and then cross-referencing with interesting books like The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John & Caitlin Matthews. Then there is the high society research, which - strangely - has been most done with movies. However, there is one novel - A Debutante in New York Society by Abby Buchanan Longstreet. Since it was published in 1888, you can imagine what sort of language is involved. Additionally, I received the aforementioned Mike Carey novel and have been indulging that, as well.

This last has proved the most taxing, believe it or not. The Longstreet novel, in all one hundred pages that I have gotten through, has only caused me to look up two words. The Kirk manuscript (written in the 1600's) has not needed any trips to the dictionary or encyclopedia. The new Carey novel, however, has had me looking up terms and phrases almost every other chapter. Not too surprisingly, it has been British lingo that has thrown me. (There was one Christian religious reference, "the Damascus Road," which successfully shamed me for not knowing it upon learning what it meant. In proper form for the Universal Redundancy Law, the term appeared and was explained in a documentary I watched for my Ancient History class, a week later.)

And I'm editing a research paper for a friend. All of this combined, I think, has stifled my writing a bit. Elsie is being incredibly reticent about writing in her journal, which results in my staring at the screen crossly for hours. To alleviate this, I've also watched a massive amount of movies: Unleashed (lovely), Honey (Um... Jessica Alba is pretty?), Clueless (ah, mindless candy), The Emperor's Club (which grows on me the more I think on it), Day of Wrath (don't bother. Unless you just want an excuse to watch Christopher Lambert strut about in archaic clothing. Though, the Hungarian Mercenary was fascinating), Dangerous Liaisons (which I had quite forgotten was recommended to me not just for the manners of high society, but that it was the predecessor to Cruel Intentions - until I watched it and it became quite clear), and The Lake House (Which was more cute, and required less suspension of disbelief, than I had expected. Having previously been tricked into watching 'Kate and Leopold', I've been putting this one off for some time, due to the pain of that first time-traveling romance. But I dearly love to watch Sandra Bullock act, so I gave in - and was thankfully rewarded). Don't you just love run-on sentences?

...Elsie's diary writing is effecting my own. Quick, save me! I must do something entirely inane with common grammar!

I think I am doomed, actually. To more movies!

I think I've forgotten how to be kind, lately. I complain too much. I think I come across as more cold and reserved than I would like (though sometimes I think I come across as less cold and reserved than I would like, too)... Is all of my warmth being sapped by Elsie, or is her chill seeping into me? Can I always look forward to being so ruled by my main characters?

Will I ever get past the rambling, uselessly introspective, whiny-ass attitude of Elsie's writing?

Advice for the day: Read while laying upside down, and eat ice cream. It will help. So says Etain.
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Current Music: "Rinse" by Vanessa Carlton