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01 July 2012 @ 03:25 pm
July Original Short Story: A Boy and Girl Forever  
This month marks the beginning of what I hope to be a regular production of free short stories as an example of my work. At least once a month (at no regular interval), something new shall appear. It will be short enough to read in a brief sitting, or broken into parts over the month to be such.

Creator copyrights apply: I wrote this, it is mine, do not reproduce in part or full or altered. Feel free to link here. Do leave a comment to tell me what you think!

Edit 08.13: Title, some words.

Going Crazy

“My eyes are closed and I'm wishing you away right now.” The girl, Deni, put the heels of her hands on her eyes and screwed up her face to show she was thinking really hard.

“That's cute, but it won't work.” The boy, Bay for short, pulled the hood of his jacket up in one, smooth, overhead move.

If anyone else had done it, Deni would have found it a wildly sexy gesture, but not on Bay. Not anymore.

For his part, Bay was just thinking of covering his head in case anyone looked over. If they couldn't see his face, they couldn't see him talking.

Deni opened her eyes and gave a sigh, turning her head away from him. “Why won't you leave me alone?”

As they walked, Deni a little ahead, the streetlights flickered and went out. Bay slipped from shadow to shadow, keeping out of sight as he answered in a voice of laughing sarcasm, “It's definitely not 'cause I'm obsessed with you.”

Deni scowled and refused to look at him. “Cut the crap. This certainly isn't love.”

“Actually,” Bay said, his steps slowing as if coming to a revelation. He looked up at the sky, and then at the fluttering trail of Deni's pale hair. “I think it is.” He gave a little chuckle and took a few strides to catch up to the blacking lights again. “You love me. Every night it's always you coming after me.”

“That's sick,” Deni said with a shiver, picking up her pace to get away. “You're suffocating me. Maybe we were friends before, but why can't you just let me go?”

Bay laughed again, the sound cruel. “'Cause this is totally me following your shadow.” He pushed open the door to her house.

They were at the white house again. Deni hung her head and bit her tongue over a scream because even there, in her own home, she couldn't get away. He walked through her doors and around her walls as easily as if he owned them. He put keys in her keybox, and pointed to a vase overflowing with white flowers and wrapped in a big pink bow on her hall table.

“I did get you a present though,” Bay explained, and the slight strain in his voice did not make up for her distress. “Lilies for the thousand-and-one-day anniversary, like in that book you liked so much.” He laughed and snorted again, but this time it wasn't as amused. “I remembered after all.”

Without answering, Deni went down the spiral stair from where they'd been talking. Somehow, Bay was already waiting for her at the bottom, spinning a chair up to the table to sit down.

Hesitating on the last step, Deni swirled her hand along the banister. “Be honest. You're completely insane aren't you?”

Bay snorted in laughter and shook his head. “You got no one but me, girl. If you did, you could escape. Just walk right out that door.” He pointed to the right and Deni saw the door open without anyone touching it, as if it were possessed.

Gasping at the petrifying possessive statement, Deni thought her heart would beat right out of her chest. She clutched her hands close and finally started shouting at him. “Why are you doing this? Don't you feel even a little bad about what you're putting me through?”

Bay hung his head, the hood slipping a little as he did it. He sat hunched like that for a long time, the only movement being the slightest shake of his shoulders. He reached up a hand – the other hand – and pulled his hood down as he sat up again. When he looked at her, his eyes were wet.

“Less and less every day,” he said so coldly that Deni thought she could feel it chill her soul. “I'm tired of hurting. I don't wanna cry no more, but down goes the sun and out comes Deni. What more you want from me?”

I from you?” Deni nearly screeched, coming across the room at him. He got up and moved to the other corner as she did, avoiding her. “I don't want to see you! I want you to stop following me!”

Bay's entire posture shifted. He sank onto his heels a little harder, let his shoulders roll forward, and his neck relax. The smile he gave was cock-sure and crooked, and even angry and half-wild from being terrorized by him, Deni still thought it was beautiful.

“You think I'm stalking you?” Bay laughed and the sound faded off into a pained sigh. “Baby, you're dead. You're haunting me.”

Deni opened her mouth to protest, but her memories jumped in before she could make a sound.

When she was hurrying along the street, it wasn't because she was trying to get away from Bay. She could clearly see now that she'd been chasing him, following the path he always took.

She didn't walk down the stairs. He went down to escape her, and she followed after.

The keys that let him into the houses were his. She'd given them to him.

White lilies for the thousand-and-one-day anniversary of her death.

Deni's legs no longer had the strength to hold her, and she crumpled to her knees, hands pressing to her face as she started to wail and cry.

Bay twitched at her fall, but gripped the back of a chair to keep from going to catch her. He almost trembled from the force of restraining himself, but comforting hadn't helped her move on yet. One thousand nights of holding her while she remembered and cried, and she was still there.

The sister, Jia, closed the door she had opened and walked to Bay's side. She was as elegant as Deni, a strong counterpoint to Bay's street look. She lifted a hand toward him at the same moment that he stepped away. They never touched. “She's here again, isn't she?”

Bay stared at the crying spirit and nodded. “Wherever I go. Whatever I do.”

“It can't last forever,” Jia offered, but the words were almost a question.

Looking up for a moment, Bay gave her a smile broken by disbelief and tears. “Isn't love s'posed to be forever?”

Only watch after reading, don't become biased! This piece was loosely inspired by this song and video. I even found one with subtitles for anyone who doesn't speak Korean (like me!).
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scallywag195scallywag195 on July 2nd, 2012 03:22 am (UTC)
Really interesting concept. She tells him to go away, but it is her haunting him. It was a mystery in the beginning, but had that aha! moment at the end. Thanks for sharing.