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01 September 2009 @ 10:02 pm
Outer Alliance Pride Day  
A subject near and dear to my heart: the support of more than only heterosexuality in Sci-fi & Fantasy. Apparently it is intended as a global celebratory day - see the main site here Edit: Which has apparently gone missing.

And for some fiction link, here's an excerpt from one of my writer's group: Mistress of Woodland

I dearly wish she would finish her terraforming novel. Both of them, actually What I've read/heard of Mistress of Woodland is also excellent. It just has less space, and I've been on a space kick.

So even though I practically missed it: woo, pride! More lesbians, gays, polyamoury, asexuality - I don't care. I'm a romantic at heart, so I love romances. But even romance aside - not every hero in the universe is going to be heterosexual. Promise.

And since I feel I should make some brief contribution, but sadly only have an an hour and a half to do so - you get old stuff. It's not the best written, but it's okay. An excerpt from a story-in-progress who's working title is "Mindless Romance", you get the ending. Because I almost always write the ending as the first or second thing in a story.

The bags fell from Sarah's fingers, clattering to the ground. At least one glass object shattered from the descent, but Sarah didn't flinch in her open staring. At first those beautiful blue eyes were full of horror and relief and disbelief and joy and anger and almost every possible emotion under the sun. Then they glossed over, clouds over the moon, and Sarah licked her lips. “What took you so long,” she asked, her voice devoid of all tone and inflection.

Raquel took a drag on her cigarette, then dropped her hand to her side as she blew the smoke over her head. She knew she cut a pretty picture: bandage over one eye, cuts on her face, a stitched up wound full of goo across her collarbone, and that was just the visible stuff. “Well, I couldn't come back the next day and ruin that beautifully tragic goodbye, now could I?”

Raquel drew the cigarette back to her lips.

Sarah moved faster than her addled vision allowed her to follow. Raquel registered the collision of knuckles on her cheek at about the same time that she realized she'd lost her cigarette, her sunglasses, and her footing. Shaking her head to clear it, she could distantly make out Sarah gathering her bags. The pale blond tossed something in the garbage, then made her way to the bench not four steps away.

Raquel settled her sunglasses back on her face, then found her cigarette. Raising to her haunches, she took one long drag on the cancer stick and blew it out again. Then she found her unsteady feet, flicked the tobacco husk away, and headed for the bench. Flopping over Sarah's shoulders, she rested her chin beside the blond's neck while wrapping her arms around the seated woman. She could feel the silent sobs as they shook Sarah's small form. The slender, smaller fingers threaded between her own and drew her palms up to Sarah's cheeks, holding in the wet tears.

“It's okay,” she promised, suddenly feeling the wear of the last two days. Raquel let more of her weight fall on Sarah's shoulders as she turned her head into the soft neck. “I came back.”

The beginning is better, and first person. Because I like the expressiveness of first person better... for a while. Anyway. Just a something.

*edited to make the excerpt not a blockotext.
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Genesis Grey: nami vivi sleepigenesisgrey on September 2nd, 2009 08:22 am (UTC)
Sad... I don't know why, but that makes me very sad. (The excerpt.)
Nethene Khthonnethenekhthon on September 2nd, 2009 08:48 am (UTC)
But it's a happy ending!

I really wish I had a plot for that story. I like the opening, I think the ending's great, I wrote a perfectly delicious tragic goodbye. I just have no idea what's going on beyond, "Raquel the werewolf (tiger variety) rescues Strange Sarah, then gets herself involved in Bad Business. P.S. - it's a romance and she has issues."