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23 December 2009 @ 06:32 am
Good Morning, World  
It's been a long and bloody year. There were many casualties (many of them me). It's over now, and by my reckoning has been for several weeks. As soon as this interim Dark Holiday Month is over, you'll be facing a shiny, bright 2010. And I'll have survived unharried one year longer than I expected to.

Everything after this is unscripted. Before, World, you had this cute little timeline mapped out. There were pushpins with string tightropes to walk and an end of the page. Now everything is contingent. Now it matters, with somewhat deeper desperation, exactly who stands and who waits. I worry that my messages will come to late. You never invited me in, World, so I patiently waited for permission. Now I wonder if you were being intentionally inhospitable to avoid your fear of failure. It's easy to pretend that if you don't make a decision then it isn't really your fault when it falls apart. Unfortunately for your ostrich routine, I live here now. If you fall, I fall. I rather like living. So I have to stand without you. If I'm very, very lucky, maybe you'll even see that it's more frightening to hide.

Good Morning, World. We left you once because of our collective foolishness and fear. Now we've come to help you in spite of it. There really isn't any time for you to decide how to feel about that, so I suggest you suck it up. The short of it is this: If I haven't given up yet, than you have no right to.

Good Morning, World. It's time.

Current Music: "M4 Pt. II" by Faunts