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07 October 2005 @ 02:33 pm
Yahoo! For NaNoWriMo!  
Logged into my NaNo account for the first time this year. Was most excellent. I've spent all morning reading through it's forums. I promised myself that I'd get back to reading PVP, but it may not happen.

Heh, I also (last year) promised myself that I wouldn't be shy about posting on the forums. And to prove that a lie, I'm here to tell you about the inside of my head.

Yes, that's right. The inside of my head. Where my thoughts reside, my dreams happen, and I berate myself by the minute.

See, inside my head there is a series of rooms connected, forming a very tall "T". It begins with the breakroom, which is more or less 'L' shaped, with two doors off of it. Here, my characters reside between stories, interacting with others whom they'd never naturally meet.

Characters? You ask. Why yes! See, every character is an piece of me, gone its own merry way. I was shattered, and they grew in the dark, and now I have characters. Makes writing interesting, and sometimes painful. Not every character feels comfortable enough to leave its story. Most of those that do join The Council, and series of people who vie for control of the Me.

Off of the breakroom is the Bound Angel's room, where she is tied, nailed, and sometimes chained to the cieling and/or walls. She rarely leaves. Her story hasn't begun. The Council holds its infrequent meetings in her room, because she is on it, and never leaves.

The other door leads into the Corridor. A seemingly unending hall with innumerable doors leading off of it, set at regular intervals. These are the entrances to every story - even those who have not begun, or those that have ended. Characters from different stories may cross into each other's realm, but if the place is too different from the world their story is on, and they don't have the Council's permission to be there, it could destroy them. My selves are bent on self-preservation. Especially the ones that know they're only shattered pieces of the Me.

At the end of the Corridor is the Gateway, a massive archway that leads into a great dark. Deep within this Dark is the House. It is a building suspended upside down and wrapped in chains. The Mirror and the Soul of the Eternal World reside here. Often, they have friends or relatives from their stories visit and stay. Also, during her imprisonment, Diana lived here. In a box. Chained. Immobile. And when I figure out who let her out...

If one were to follow the lengths of chain that bind the House, one would find two paths leading away. One falls deep beneath the Plane of the great dark, and few can follow its path. It, along with six other chains, binds the Box. Within which are hidden my secret lusts and deepest fears, that they may never harm or bother me. Even I don't know what's in there.

The other length of chain from the House leads further into the dark, to a point in the farther dark. Here, the child once lived, and the three points of light and light points of shadow that were her only companions still dance in the farther dark. Here the Me interacts with characters individually, discussing points, decisions and philosophy with whomever answers my call. I daren't go nearer the House or the Hall (which may be the same place) because there are too many influences there to overwhelm me. They would take over, and the Me would cease, replaced by the strongest character.

And that's the inside of my head! One day I'll do a story about what happens when a new character is introduced!
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