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28 November 2005 @ 02:21 pm
I am a NaNoWriMo Master (or) Nat's Lecture on Writingness  
I weighed in at 50,269 words.
First, as must be expected at this point in November, I give you the following:


I have completed fifty thousand words in the month of November alone! That's a five and enough zeros to pay for three year's resident's college. I wrote it, with my very own brain, my obliging fingers, and my poor, tired, wrists!
And the best part about National Novel Writer's Month? The fun doesn't stop at the end of November! Certainly, the contest is over until next year (wherein I shall win again), and most participants will wander off their merry ways. But some won't.
There's a fantastic IRC chatroom with fun people, some of which shall remain. Though I hear the War bots, BattleJesus and WordWarBot will be gone for upgrades and testing, I'm sure we'll find a way to battle the words madly. (Even if I was quite the lurker) The forums will remain until September, for those of us still looking for help.
And you remember that line about twenty-one days forming a habit?
I go home from work, or being out with friends and I turn on my computer. I load up two things immediately: Trillian, which connects me to my friends via ICQ & nanowrimo chat via IRC, and my current chapter. I don't even think about it.
Only then do I change clothes or grab a soda pop or whatever I'm doing after that particular excursion from my (now decorated for your holiday pleasure) Fortress of Solitude. When I inevitably wander back to my computer (as it's difficult to sit on the couch for any reason because The Boy (tm) is generally lounged across the floorspace in front of it with a console controller under his chin) my story is there, impatiently waiting to be continued.
I took the very first story I ever attempted to make into a full length book, and I drew 50,269 words of, at least mostly, decent prose from 18,312 words of pure juvenile crap. And I'm not even at the halfway point for the projected story! I've got an outline! I've got plans! I've got political intruige and a city map! I've got lineage and history and ranks! I've got religion (or rather, a philosophical lack thereof)! I've got more than four characters with names!
I've got a MFC that keeps falling for the wrong guy. I've got an MMC that can't decide whether he does have, or has had, the hots for the MFC. I've got a Main Secondary Character with his own POV sections who may, or may not, have serious multiple personality issues.
But most importantly, I've got a fantastic support group. I was set to quit at around 34,000 when I hit the lull right before the crescendo to the halfway point, where the major conflict is brought into the open. I ranted and raved. I had completion anxiety. What if it's utter crap when I finish, what if it's all as bad as this part I'm forcing myself through, what if I'm just no good? It went on for an hour. Then The Boy (tm) decided he just wasn't getting anywhere in trying to comfort me, so he STOLE MY COMPUTER and wrote my loverly friends, Genesis Grey and Gwydyon about it. Gwydyon told me I was a brat and needed to move on with my life.
Grey called me. She said fabulously flattering (even if at least partly untrue) things about me and my words. She talked me off of my precipice of failure.
Then she sicced her mom on me.
Mommy Genesis is one of the World's Nicest People. (They have a guild, they're related, and happy drugs must run in their bloodstream. There's just no other explanation.) After Genesis played Cyrano (sp?) for a few lines, her mom gave me a fabulous pep talk, made more amazing by the fact that she meant it and has never read a single word I've written.
Then Genesis came back to the phone and continued to convince me that I wasn't the worthless whore I was making myself out to be. She's a fabulous best friend. (Glompage vibes to the Grey Lady.)
With all of that fantastic encouragement, I trudged on.
Today, I opened up my browser and began the long, laborious climb to The Validator. (Whom I imagine to look somewhat like the master computer from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, except with rabbit ears, tank tracks for legs, and an Attention Deficit Disorder.) I took my scrambled manuscript (carefully shaved of anything I wrote prior to November) and I shoved it into the input slot.
No number appeared on it's glossy screen.
My heart sank, I thought it wasn't yet enough.
Then the browser crashed. The Validator threw it's rabbit ears at me, and I was tossed, head first, back down the incredible climb. I thought was doomed to never know my fate.
Never one to handle curiosity well, I marched back up to the cranky computer, and demanded another try.
But this time, something was different. The Validator seemed calmer, satiated even. Like a college student during finals who's somehow managed to get in that fourth cup of triple shot expresso. It seemed - content.
Then the Validator turned to me (Who knew the back of it's rectangular head would look so much like the front?) and I saw it's epic words:
"You've Won!
"You can continue updating your word count using the honor system or with this uploader until the end of the month. You can also return to your winner goodies any time you like to download another copy of your winner's certificate or web icon."
And all was right in the world.
Now for the speech.
In conclusion: I love Genesis Grey, Gwydyon, and The Boy (tm). I adore the lovely folks who made nano chat fun, and the creators and maintainers of the word war bots. I exalt the fantastic creators and staff of NaNoWriMo to the status of demi-gods. I'm going to finish the full version of my first draft of my (As Yet) still unnamed novel within the first two weeks of February. I'm going to pet my winner's certificate. I'm going to do even better next year. I'm going to edit in March. I've got so much yet to do and thank and enjoy.
But first?
I'm going to sleep.

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