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29 November 2005 @ 02:27 pm
A countinuation of writerly things  
Today, reading through forums, I had an (e word... that means realizing thingies). I will forget it soon, and the lovely peace it brought with it, but I'll try to share it.
All of those fantastic twists and turns that you find in great novels? The amazing revelations that are explored in book three but only hinted at in book one?
You don't have to plan those!</b> This forum thread describes it in a most engaging and amusing manner.
I have a character, employed by the Houses of my nobility.
His purpose is to Serve the Queen.
Who is this Queen? Where is she? How old is the character? What is he - considering that he was hired several hundred years ago, is still employed, is rarely seen, and the average life expectancy for these people is the same as 'real' humans?
I don't know any of these things. But he's important. And these things will come to light when I need them.
And they will be fantastic.

That is all.
Thank you.

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