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09 June 2010 @ 12:18 am
o/~ absolute douchebag in a past life~\o  
Still seriously contemplating learning code for LJ so I can make myself a doll theme for the editing period. (With a little bit of the Four thrown in.)

Feeling mouthy today. I blame throwing Lena into a scene with the Four. She's sassy and Jonghyun likes that (I should not be as shocked as I am). I'm gonna play around with pieces and things for the Thayre book. Stuff that may never make it in and things that would have no way of ever doing so. Some of it I'll share. Most of it will be for Karen only because I love her bestest and nothing is ever good enough until she's signed off on it.

I started school again in May, for anyone I haven't been yakking the ear off about it. My major is Japanese (and later, Lit), so beware random conjugations. I'm trying to practice and memorize, not alienate or seem uppity. It's a language. It involves speaking.

I think I love my professor, too. The last chapter test before the final is taking place over tomorrow and Thursday because the Uni has a free-for-students BBQ thing happening Thursday and somehow our oral exam is going to be combined with a field trip for BBQ. Also she sends email updates at 11:30 at night, prime me thinking hours. It's fantastic. I'm glad I get her for the whole summer, and will be sad to move on to another professor in the fall.

Also seriously contemplating being the laziest student in the history of me and taking only three classes a semester until I leave the country. I love languages. I get glee from contemplating things like the Japanese word for 'back/behind' also means 'after' and the one for 'front' also means 'before'. Its an entirely different subconscious perspective of the past being what's in front of you. I think I'm the only person who geeks out on stuff like that. Human languages are fascinating.

The rest of school... not so much. I think. It's been a while. More importantly, I need a job to support my class habit, and between writing and job there isn't time to be a full-time student.

And there you have it. I need a Japanese language fix for my computer, too. Because I'd like to type in my secondary language and romanji seems irreverent when I actually know what I'm doing (and totally unhelpful for memorizing kanji). Ideas anyone (I'm looking at you, oh busy madame Keri)?

Oh, almost forgot! Wordcount totals to date:

(5)Four: 161514
HS Fanfic: 9720
/ Fanfic: 16412
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Llama's Mild Hire: 07-Ghost ↔ PYAseraphic on June 9th, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
There are actual Japanese fonts for the computer that do have hiragana and katakana and quite a bit of kanji as well, and there's also a firefox add-on called rikaichan that will display translations of japanese-displayed text if you hover over it. It's very nifty. David came pre-packaged with the Japanese fonts, so I don't know quite where you could find them. I could, if needed, figure out how to copy them and upload them for you to use?